Friday, May 29, 2015

Margo Sandra Diaz

There are two Margo Sandra Diaz's
The first died May 15, 1943
She was born June 22, 1942
The 2nd Margo Sandra Diaz is my sister Sandy who lives in Berea, KY.
Just about all the towns in the Los Angeles are listed as Los Angeles.
So if my mom was at the Mission San Gabriel when my sister died she would still be listed as dying in LA.
I have no photo of my sister who died but I have a photo of the grave marker which is at the Mission San Gabriel Old Graveyard. It is about 100 yards from Pablo and Natalia's Grave (her grandparents)
If you notice on the grave that my mother is not listed. I can only assume that the marker was placed there after my mom disappeared or my father was really not being nice.

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