Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why do I have such a strong belief in alien beings? Were you whisked away by an alien ship…from the outer reaches of space? I’ve seen it in the movies…the ship hovers with blinding lights blazing and swoops down and mysteriously….you’re whisked on board. Then the ship travels away to a faraway galaxy.
That’s where you are; I’m almost sure of it, and that’s where you’ll remain until the aliens release you back to earth someday.
I’ll continue to watch the skies…because who knows…they may bring you back home suddenly….And I want to be there for the special occasion.
They say you don’t age in space, on board alien ships, so perhaps you’ll be as young as you were when you were abducted.
If so, you’ll have another chance to live your life once again,
on this beautiful planet called Earth.

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