Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother…I hope I get another chance at life…another chance to live on this earth once again…a brand new life with you in it this time.
Today people are celebrating their mothers, by posting pictures of them. Mothers who lived a long life and, mothers who are now departed. They’re writing of memories…And I don’t even have ONE…not a single one. The only thing that I know with any certainty is that you once lived…for Tomas and I are living proof of this.

I have missed a very important relationship in my life that everyone takes for granted...having a mother. You weren’t there for my skinned knees, or my nightmares…You weren’t there to kiss everything and make it better.
You missed my first steps, my first words, my first day of school.
You missed my wedding day and all the births of my children, your grandchildren. I missed you a lot…but YOU missed so much more.

When you left, my father left too…We lost both of you. He returned into our lives, but only for a little while…And then he was gone again, only to return years later. My father didn’t think it important enough to attend the birth of my son and was no where to be found when my daughters were born…So, you see mother, when you left, for whatever reasons, our whole world fell apart…And no one has ever been there to take your place.

I might have been able to call someone else mother, but we lived a transient life, never staying anywhere for very long and, never getting close enough to anyone, to be able to call them mother, or even to seek their advice. So on this day, when everyone will be celebrating Mother’s Day…I will be thinking of you and wondering whatever happened to you.
You will remain a mystery for yet another year, but you will always remain in my heart forever.
Happy Mother's Day

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Alipurr said...

makes me cry. i miss her to, as a grandmother i have never met, but i am sure i will never miss her like you and dad do